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SHADOS SPARKLING MS is a three year old foaled 5/23/2010. Her sire is SHADO OF SIOUX and her
dam is LADYSMAGICMELODY. Sparkle is slightly taller than 14.3 hands. She has a nice disposition
and will usually come when her name is called.  She has been ridden several times in the round pen at a walk and has been ridden at a trot only three times. We have worked with her often since August, until recently when the weather turned cooler She is up to date on her 4 way shot and wormer. (She does have small superficial blemishes just above her hoof on both front legs. She got into wire when she was a two year old, which did not cut deep so she does not have any damage to nerves or tendons, but it left scar tissue even though we doctored her. I tried to get pictures of the scars, but they are small enough that they do not show up in photos) The above photos were taken
in August of 2013.

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2013 weanling filly and colt
SHADO OF SIOUX is the sire of the above foals. The dam of the red and white filly is LADYSMAGIC
MELODY. This filly is a full sister to SHADOS SPARKLING MS AND SHADOS MISS ONYX. The dam
of the bay and white colt is KRA DUSTY DAWN. The filly LITTLE RED BABY DOLL was born on 6/10/2013. The colt SHADOS HOTROD  was born on 6/25/2013. Below are pictures of LITTLE RED BABY DOLL and SHADOS HOTROD as yearlings and up dated information.

Below are photos of LITTLE RED BABY DOLL that were taken July 31, 2014. She measured 13.2 hands. She should mature to 15 hands. We have worked with her in the round pen, loose and with the rope attached to her halter. We use the handy stick and toss the string around her body and legs, shake a jug of rocks at her, shake a plastic bag attached to a handy stick all around her and touch her all over.  She does very well with all of this. She stands good when spraying her for flies. Stands tied. Stands decent for the farrier. We have hauled her twice, but will continue to work with her on loading. She is a sweet filly and has never offered to kick or bite. She is up to date on her 4 way shot and wormer. Priced at $1700.00
                    THANK YOU DEBORAH & ROY

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This is SHADOS HOTROD as a yearling. The pictures were taken
May 31, 2014. He is a gelding.
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Pictures of Little Red Baby Doll and her dam.      The photo on the left was taken 6-30-2013 and the 
photo on the right was taken 7-10-2013. LadysMagic Melody is 15 hands.  
The photos to the right are LadysMagicMelody and were taken 8-22-2014. She is 21 years old. 
She is normally black, but is sun burned in these photos.